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What is a web site?

The web site is a mean of both expanding the range of your business and popularizing it. It is the online office of your Company, where you welcome your partners and customers, where you make online communication. Exactly by this reason, you should give special attention to the structure and design when you create your web site.

Do I need a web site?

Every Company needs well elaborated and working web site to present it in the Internet space. Internet is a fast developing media and attracts more and more users to search for information in the web space, because it is convenient, accessible, quick and easy; therefore your presence in Internet is essential.

Why a web site?

Because your web site is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Through your web site, you communicate with your clients constantly. With a well developed web site, you will be able to deliver to your customers exactly the message you want and be sure that your words are send correctly. Via your web site you will also collect information of your customers, which is a priority for each self respectful Company. Due to Internet and your web site, you will be able to have a complete profile of every visitor of your web site.

What is a good web site?

The good web site is a compilation of useful information, which is well structured and accessible; functional design according to your activity and Company identity.

What is the web site design significance?

The web site is the place where someone receives a first impression of your Company and your products. Creating a web site, only you determine what to tell to the users and how do you want them to apprehend you, but you should be aware of the fact that you share the Internet space with plenty of other web sites and the design of your web site has vital significance.

What kind your web site could be?

The web site could serve many purposes – as a mean to present and popularize organizations, Companies, products or services. It is a way to research and extract information, which is useful to your marketing strategies. Furthermore, the web site could be used as a mean of payment and completing financial operations.

Who will visit my web site?

You should have the answer of this question before you make your web site. It is important to know which users target group is your web site directed to, as its design, structure and functionalities depend on this. If you find it difficult, our specialists will help you to take the correct decision.

How will my web site look like?

You can research your competitors and receive some inspiration of already working web sites, so you could give us directions we should conform to, although first of all, you should entirely rely on our skilled web designers to create the design of your web site. We will comply the design with your existing corporate line or we will develop it for you.

What technologies will be used and how my web site will be constructed?

The answer of this question depends on what does your web site present, whom it is directed to and what functions do you want your web site to implement. Our web consultants will help you to take the right decision, complementing your conceptions.

What the web site content should be?

The web site content is in your hands, you will be able to manage it and it will entirely depend on you. During your web site elaboration, the Corpus Design Studio copyrighters could advise you or help you build your texts in a specific way, which will be appropriate to the web space and which will achieve the desired effect.

Do I have to make a search engine optimization of my web site?

SEO (search engine optimization) is part of the marketing strategy, which each Company should undertake. According to the researches, the web sites which come to more for positions among the searching results are the most visited and reach their goals. Our SEO specialists keep up with permanently changing search engine criteria; moreover, they make competitors investigations and analyses, so they could achieve better results for your web site.